Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MaKiNg Of A qUeEn SiZeD bEaUtY

A year ago my makeup collection consisted of one liquid foundation, one compressed powder, one shade of blush, an eye shadow quad, two eye liner pencils, an eye lash curler, one tube of mascara, one lip liner pencil and three tubes of lipstick. I wore the same "face" every time I put on makeup and those occasion's were few and far between. It's not that I didn't like makeup...I loved the way I looked with it on. I just thought it wasn't worth the time or the money to buy products that I would never use. As for closet consisted of t-shirts and blue jeans and a few neutral dressy outfits for date night, funerals, etc. I had around five pairs of shoes that all served a purpose and were not very fashionable but they were comfy. My accessories were minimal. When it came to beauty products, I used shampoo to also wash my face and an inexpensive body wash and occasionally put on some lotion.

And then, in early 2011, my life changed. I found YouTube beauty guru's channels. I started watching makeup tutorials from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Kandee Johnson, and other guru's like Michelle Phan. I then learned of more beauty guru's channels and I was hooked. It was like a drug to me. I learned what makeup brushes did this and that. I learned to put on false eye lashes and which eye shadows went with each other and that you should wear a nude lip with a dramatic eye and how to contour my face to make it more slimming and so much more. I read beauty blogs like, MakeupGetsMeHigh, and found out about the best skin care products and that my skin type is not just oily and dry but is combination and there are products out there just for that. I watched video after video, learning about fashion and makeup and it changed me. I became a happier "me" and am now the proud owner of numerous foundations, blushes, eye shadows, liners, brushes, facial cleansers, anti wrinkle creams and so much more. I bought cute shoes and found the best jewelry designer in the world on Etsy, ChYMieRa, and became her number one customer!

So after a year, I like to consider myself more like a beauty guru. The only difference between the guru's I follow and myself, is that I am plus sized. And there are not many plus sized fashionista's out there, so I am here to help those plus sized diva's out! I am going to share my experiences with you. I am going to review products and clothes. From now on my, Secrets of a Queen Sized Beauty, are all yours! Stay tuned for my very first blog contest. Info will be posted soon!

Hold on's going to be an awesome ride!
Amy <3<3<3


  1. CONGRATS on the new blog- it's about time girly! Teehee, I'm so excited for you and thank you soo much for the shout out, I'm so flattered you like my opinions and pages <3

    Off to spread the word that is you .....


  2. Love it.. can't wait to read more.. I can totally relate except for the not having much makeup or using it, I've been obsessed since I was 8 years old...
    P.s. saw u on Gina's and make up gets me highs fb pages..
    p.s.s I freaking love ur background it looks amazing...

  3. Congrats Amy! I'm pumped to start reading and following your blog. I've had one since 2009. I go through times where I don't post much and times where I do all the time. It's really nice to have a place of my own to vent, educate, ramble, post fun pics and inspiration.. whatever. Anyway, looking forward to what you have to show and say! Check out my blog too. The 61 county girls are representing well on blogger ;)

  4. Sounds like my story up until mid last year. Except I wouldn't consider myself a beauty guru. I always thought, nobody notices when I wear makeup anyway, why bother? I went for 3 years wearing just foundation before it finally became, Well, *I* notice, that's gotta count for something!
    So my makeup collection has grown exponentially, and I use every bit of it. It's fun, and I feel better about myself because of it. WIN :)

    1. I agree completely!! I do it for myself however I like to hope that I inspire other's like us to let that girly side grow strong!!! We are all beautiful and should know it!!
      xoxo, Amy